Mystery girl in Migros Zurich HB

Hi, I am looking for the girl I saw / we saw each other and kept looking at each other for minutes at Zurich main train station (Zurich HB, Zurich Hauptbanhof) on Thursday 29.12.2016 (29th December 2016) late afternoon or evening (between 17:00 and 18:00), inside the Migros shop and after it going to the main platform.You were together with a man, you were carrying a travel bag, you are blond. You went from lower platform to the upper one, you clearly nodded me I returned but could’t find you anymore :/ I would really like to see you again, I believe you share the feeling stranger I blew my chance.If you do, please write to cjenlem@gmail.com.

I hope to see you again


11 months ago

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  • Thu, 29-Dec-16 22:16 UTC
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