American guy on Montserrat.

We met on the road down to Montserrat abbey from St. Jeroni peak and talked on the train all the way back to Barcelona. The next day you were leaving Barcelona for Germany - going back to your sister. You live in the USA, you have graduated from the university of Georgia and you are a high school teacher. You are 28-29 years old. You are Pentecostal. Your father is a pilot smile Your sister lives in Germany and you have some relatives in the UK. I am Veronica(Nika), I am from Moscow. In the 4 hours we spent together you have become more important for me than almost anyone I’ve ever met. I promised to write to you as soon as possible, but I’ve left the sheet of paper with all the contacts on that very bench on Placa d’Espanya.. I can’t stand the thought of never talking to you again. I’m really desperate. Please, contact me if you think you know the man I’ve described or if you are that man. My email: sunny-august@mail.ru



6 months ago

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Barcelona, ES

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