Beautiful Girl in 15C on Frontier Flight 1879 from Colorado Springs to Phoenix (November 24th, 2017

I met you at the Colorado Springs airport, when I walked in you were sitting behind me but moved and we ended up lots of eye contact multiple times until I got up to board the plane. You have curly brunette hair and a pale complexion with a nose ring on your right nostril, and were pretty skinny/small. You had a small black purse and were wearing jeans torn across down the legs and lightly colored Vans. Our flight was Frontier 1879 to Phoenix, and lucky for me you sat across the aisle from me in seat 15C while I was in 15D. I was wearing a black hoodie, black shorts, and black old NB running shoes. I have short brown wavey hair, light stubble and a masculine jawline.
I feel like we were looking at each other for a solid 30 seconds while you were getting your bag at baggage claim with your parents or guardians (the male was named Mario). I grabbed my bag and ran after you once you left but I was too late.
I’m looking all over for you! If love at first sight exists, this is it… I can’t stop thinking about you and I feel like I made such a huge mistake. I need to find you so I can have a second chance at such a beautiful girl like yourself :(

The Boy in 15D

2 weeks ago

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Phoenix, US

  • Mon, 27-Nov-17 08:04 UTC
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