Ben on Carnivals Inspiration cruise

This is Anthony, I met you the second night on the ship two weeks ago (August 28 - Sep 1).  I thought you were really cute but didn’t think you were into guys. I was so shocked and shy when you came up to me. Your accent was adorable but even more so was your kindness and personality. We had a great night talking. The next day we waved and smiled to each other at the pool. That night we ran into each other and hung out. We took walks around the ship, got to know each other more, and kissed. It was like magic, I’ve never felt immediately like that towards anybody. I regret leaving you waiting for me to go find my family for such a while. We split our ways that night without exchanging last names or contact information. What I tried finding you before leaving the ship. I think I saw you waiting for someone way behind me in line and I wasn’t able to go back. I know you live in Israel and I’m in Arizona, but it would be great to get in contact. It was amazing to meet you. You’ve been on my mind since


4 months ago

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Scottsdale, US

  • Thu, 07-Sep-17 04:15 UTC
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