Black haired man Kensington Tube Station 11th of May

I met you randomly on Thursday the 11th in Kensington High Street Tube Station. We met on the stairs and we started talking. There was a definite click. You had lovely long black hair and an amazing smile. You were so helpful to me. I think you were Irish like myself when I said I was Irish and didn’t have a clue you busted out laughing. You were such a lovely guy and gave me the bus number for the train station I needed to go to.

We walked together for a bit and then we parted ways. Would have loved to get the courage to ask you for your contact details. If you see this and you think it is you drop me a mail. Will be back in London in October but would love to keep in contact. You were a pure gent and I loved how we made each other laugh…..drop me an email would be lovely to see that killer smile again grin

Let's share a beer


about 7 months ago

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London, GB

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