Boy at victoria coach station

I was at victoria coach station and waiting for my bus near the gate 1. It was in the evening, really late, arround 10pm. I saw you, you was sitting in front of me. Dark skin, black hairs, trainers and a backpack. I’ve look at you so many time and you did the same. At arround 11pm, i had to take my bus. You came to gate 10 with me and we talked like 5 minutes. Im the blond girl, with a pink backpack and a green bag. Im french. I dont know your name or where you are from. But id really like to talk to you again and maybe see one more smile from you. You said “see you later”, even if its not the same day, we can still call it “later” wink)

A smile or a tea


about 3 months ago

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Paris, FR

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