boy in Tulum, Cancun at the hotel dreams, in the summer of 2017

Here I go, I have read tons of posts, about lovers, and I hope (whoever read this) that you’ll find what you are looking for,  this is my story, in the summer of 2017 I went to Cancun in Mexico, I didn’t wanted to go to the hotel, I wanted to go to the parks, and have fun instead just staying at the hotel, but, as the name of the hotel calls it was a dream, seriously I fell in love with him the minute I saw him, I didn’t talk to him, but he had the perfect smile, perfect hair, perfect everything, and I only have a picture of him, I don’t know anything about him, I only know that he has a little brother and a little sister, well it was 1 year younger than him, well it looked that way, and I never saw his mom I only saw his dad. Then one day I wanted to play volleyball and he played as well, we were in the same team, I was melting, you all know that felling?, when you get butterflies in your stomach, well from the young age I have, I am in love since then,  when I least imagine it, one day I can not stand it and I go and I look at the picture I have of him, he does not know how much time in my dreams he has lived, I will not give up, I want a world with him, I know you are laughing right now , and its funny because I swear that is worth, waiting and waiting to find him, and waiting a sigh, I just want a sign of destiny,  well continuing the story, when I was playing with him, I ashamed my self, it was so funny I didn’t know how to play, I dint know how to throw. Anyway, the next day I was in the pool and he got in the pool as well, o my god he had or has the perfect body he was playing , throwing a tennis ball to his dad and his brother, his little brother had, I donĀ“t know maybe 9 years old, and that night would be the last night i was in the hotel, so I ate dinner and went to a little Mexican festival were he was, there were people dancing and live music, he was sitting with his sister, and started dancing as well, he stared dancing and I was a full I thought he wanted to dance with me but he didn’t, the next day which was the day I was leaving a had breakfast, and you now when you can serve yourself?, well the hotel had that and just for 5 minutes I stand there 2-3 miles away from him, it was a dream, and I left, and thats my story, you know the problem its not that I had found him, the problem is forgetting, the problem is not his absence, the problem is that I expect it, well hope you all have a great year and hope you find what you are searching

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Carolina Morales

2 weeks ago

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