California girl in Aqualand Algarve Portugal


I’m the guy who was infront of you in the queue for the slide, I heard you speaking French, and asked you if you were French, you said you were French American from California. Later on we had some fun at some other slides, but I left without asking your number. I asked you for your name, but didn’t understand it well, (Ashley?). You know that I’m Dutch, and my name is unpronounceable for non-dutch speakers smile
I still think about you every day, stupid right? Would love to get in touch. If you know someone who is: French-American, speaks both languages fluent, is from California, and has been on a holiday with her French family to Algarve/Albufeira Portugal this year, 2017, and has been to the Aqualand Algarve waterpark on July 12th, please let her read this smile



5 months ago

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