Chivalrous guy on the 10.22 train from Leciester!

On the train to Birmingham New St, Sunday 10th Sept, the 10.22 from Leicester. You got on at Leceister and stood near the door rather than sitting. You had on a grey jumper and you were holding a phone. You had short, dark hair. Then you sat on the little pull down seat near the door. I got up from my seat and came to stand opposite you as was getting off at Narborough the next stop after Leciester. You offered me the pull down seat and I said no thank you as was getting off in a couple of mins. We looked at each other and both smiled. I felt like it was a mutual moment but we said nothing. I had on a khaki bomber jacket, camo jeans, dark hair and a green rucksack. Seconds later I got off at my stop. I could have cried. You had the most gorgeous eyes and smile I have ever seen! I wished I had said something or asked for your number. I can’t stop thinking about you! :-( Tracey from Derby


4 months ago

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Derby, GB

  • Mon, 11-Sep-17 12:22 UTC
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