Cute girl with black eye makeup (like Halloween) from Omegle

Age: 19 (maybe)
Hair: brown, long
Wearing: White T-shirt
Place: Omegle

Looking for a girl who I met on Omegle. I have to mention I am the worst idiot who left the conversation. This girl wore a white T-shirt and painted her eyes with black and had a dark line painted below her nose till her throat. I asked her to rate me and she responded with “10/10 ;P” after she asked to show my face because she didn’t like seeing me without my face. I was wearing a white T-shirt and wearing black glasses. Please, if it’s you reading this, please contact me back xx.

Once again, sorry :/


3 weeks ago

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Ashford, GB

  • Fri, 29-Dec-17 18:55 UTC
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