French Boy in Salou, Cataluna, Spain beach

I need to find a french boy that I saw on the beach on Salou from the date July 14th to 21st of July. I just saw him between those days. He is really cute, he is french, I dont know which part of France he is. He was not alone, he was with another friend, his friend is black and really fit and higienic and the boy that im looking for has beard, he has around 22 years old or so, he looks young, with caramel skin, really bronzed from the sun, he is fit, I mean he has abs but he is skinny and tall with none shaved legs, his hair is brown and they both never carry a phone to the beach, just towels, they have dark coloured towels, I think he left cause its been two days since i dont see him, if somebody french see both guys please tell them that i need to find they guy with his friend and have a date with him. Please help me find my future husband



about 6 months ago

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Logroño, ES

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