Girl Named Jackie From Connecticut met at North Rim Arizona on July 21st 2017

Hey Jackie,
If there’s ever a chance you’ll see this, I’ll be amazed. I don’t know if you remember me, but I sure do remember you! We met each other at the North Rim, Grand Canyon Arizona on July 21st 2017. Our cars happened to be parked next to each other. Me and my family saw 2 beautiful rainbows and wanted to take pictures. But, it began to rain. My dad however, decided to take the risk and get pictures. While the rest of us waited in the car, I saw your mom and little sister get into the car with their raincoats. Then, a minute later, I saw a girl running from the rain in a black raincoat. But instead, she ran to my car. That girl was you. You opened up my side door and came halfway in before you realized you were in the wrong car. Our eyes locked and you began to freak out and laugh. I started laughing but realized I was simply love struck. You were so bubbly, and cute, and had the brightest smile I’ve ever seen. I knew from that moment that I liked you… A LOT. Other things I remember are your dad honking the horn to let you know you were in the wrong car. LOL! My dad also gave your mom me and my twin brother’s music business card for you guys to check us out on YouTube. (By the way, if you still have that card, the number on there is MY phone number!) As you got back into your car and were about to leave, I asked for your name and then I told you my name. We said our goodbyes and then you left. Just when I thought I’d never see you again, I was wrong and ended up seeing you again! As me and my family were driving out of North Rim and started our 3-hour drive to Page AZ, we decided to stop by the Vermillion Cliffs scenic sidewalk and you ended up being there as well! I was so surprised and so was my entire family. I was very shocked and nervous to talk to you. My brother always tells me how your littlest sister was the first to recognize us and yelled “Jackie Jackie!”.  Then you got out of the car and waved hello. We got out as well and shook hands. Me my parents and us all talked about our trip, where we were heading, where we were from etc. While the parents talked, we spoke about Las Vegas and hiking to Antelope Canyon. Finally, out of nowhere, my mom asked for a picture and to this day I thank her for it because it’s the only way I can be reminded of those special moments of meeting you and your sweet family. After all that, we said goodbye for the last time. I did not ask for your phone number because I did not want to come off as weird to you or your parents. But I knew I’d regret it and here I am. If I could relive those moments over again I would. As much as I wish I could change me not asking for your phone number, maybe it’s better that way so then we can meet again someday soon unexpectedly? Who knows. All I know is that you’re all I’ve been thinking about and if there’s anything I want, it’s to see you again! It’s funny because I prayed before my vacation that I would meet somebody new and I did. YOU. I’ve recently put up our picture on my twitter and have been hoping more and more people retweet it in hopes of finding you. But so far, it’s not much. I know I’m crazy but trust me in person I’m not. Overall, I hope someday I’ll see you again and we can truly get the chance to get to know each other.

*If anybody knows her, please let me know!*

Anthony Mottola

2 weeks ago

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