Handsome blond guy on DLR train to Stratford, London

We both were in London, UK.
We were sitting in front of each other in the same compartment of DLR train going to Stratford between 9.00 and 10.00 of Thursday 19th August.
I was sitting on the outer seat. You were sitting on the window seat. We have repeatedly looked at each other and kind of smiled at each other at some point.
I got off at West Ham.
I’m not 100% sure you’re actually into guys but the kind of eye contact we made makes me guess you might be.
You were wearing boots, sweatpants and a top with British flag art on it and I think another layer on top.
I was wearing eye glasses, a green shirt, jeans and white Converse shoes. I had some stubble.
I thought you were super sexy and cute and I wish I had had the guts to ask you to get off with me to exchange numbers!
If you read this and you fancied me too please respond and I really would like to meet you and get to know you as you’re so much my type!
Hug, Giuseppe



3 months ago

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London, GB

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