handsome dark haired stranger on 8.11 daily commute from leeds cross country train.


I started using the 8.11 cross country service from leeds down south, (I used to get off at wakefield), and out of nowhere i started noticing you. I was the weird looking girl with wet hair every morning and a black and white striped bagpack and trainers. I noticed that we would always be standing together at same carriage, i sensed you wanted to know me. i thought of leaving u a note of my contact details in case u wanted to just meet me once, but before I got a chance to do that,  you dissapeared, in case you randomly come across this and wanted to meet me in real life once to see what im about, get in touch.

what do you look like?
dark haired
always glued to ur phone watching something, (it must be interesting if your glued up to it lol)


2 weeks ago

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Leeds, GB

  • Thu, 23-Nov-17 17:30 UTC
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