Jimmy Johns Delivery Girl at UWMC

I saw you a few times at the UW hospital, in the main lobby. You were in a Jimmy Johns delivery uniform with bike shorts and a beautiful Jimmy Johns zip up bike shirt. I usually work in the afternoons and I’ve seen you on three separate occasions. You probably wouldn’t recognize me, I doubt you have much time to pause and look around with the fast paced life of biking sandwich messenger. I know the chances of finding you are slim, but I can’t get the image of you in your uniform standing anxiously in the lobby out of my head. I think we could have a meaningful connection, whatever that entails. If you’re out there, I want you to know you filled my summer with beautiful and mysterious sandwich energy.

sightings in seattle

2 months ago

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Seattle, US

  • Sat, 02-Sep-17 04:42 UTC
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