looking for cute boy on flight QF-126 from auckland to brisbane. (july 27, 2017)

it was around 5pm on july 27, 2017.
i walked to the gate where we boarded and sat down. a few minutes later, i turned around and saw you and found you incredibly attractive so i turned around in my seat and turned on music while i waited. i kept trying to sneak glances but im sure i was being totally obvious. you boarded the plane and when i boarded, i saw that you were only sitting two rows behind me. i kept looking back at you during the flight. when we got off the plane and waited for them to open the doors, i found you looking at me a lot and we exchanged glances. at baggage claim, when i was exchanging my money to australian dollars, you were getting your bag and i saw you stare at me for a minute before leaving. you had blond hair, a grey hoodie, jeans, tennis shoes, and headphones on your head. you had a beautiful accent and i loved your voice. when i exited i saw you and your family heading out to the rental cars and i caught my last glimpse of you, disappointed i didnt smile or say “hi”. i have dirty blond hair and i was wearing jeans, socks and sandals, a white “the breakfast club” tee shirt, and a dark green army jacket. when we first exchanged glances, i had my hair held up in a bun with a scrunchie. i wore glasses and had an american accent.

whatever suits you grin


5 months ago

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Eli Waters, AU

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