Man in car on Hurstbourne Pkwy (Louisville, KY)

We were both in our cars on Hurstbourne Pkwy in Louisville, KY on 10/26/17 at approximately 4:10pm. In traffic you were in the next lane and you waved at me and I waved back. As we continued down the street and once again at a complete stop you rolled down your window to get my attention so I rolled mine down as well. You said I was a very attractive woman and that I was having an affect on you. I said you was being modest. You asked my name and I told you. You asked where I was going and I said on my way to get a birthday gift for my granddaughter. You said I didn’t look like I would have a grandchild. Traffic started moving again and as we continued down the street I could tell you wanted to get more information from me. But traffic intervened and my lane continued on as your lane fell behind. I kept straight and as I looked back you made a left turn not knowing what direction I went. There was truly a connection. I am always on this street around the same time Monday-Friday so I hope we see each other again or with luck you will see this post and get in touch so we can continue the conversation.


2 months ago

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Louisville, US

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