mystery boy from sweden

im on vacation and i need to find a boy, who left the hotel yesterday. i wanted to start conversation with him but i was too shy to do this. we were looking on each other for a few times.all i know is that he is from sweden. he was with his family and girlfriend or sister. he was very tall and thin. he has blonde, short hair, dark and thick eyebrows, freckles, and a little moustache above his upper lip. he dressed very fashionable, he was changing his outfit a few times a day.
he has a flight from rhodes to sweden(i dont know the city) yesterday (3.08.2017) something about 16 pm.  he was probably on vacation 27.07.2017-03.08.2017. i just need to know his name.


5 months ago

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Ialisos, GR

  • Fri, 04-Aug-17 09:46 UTC
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he was about 17-18 years old and looked just like polish model Radek Pestka, please maybe someone know him

by misia at 06 08 2017