Police officer that helped me

My bag got stolen at frankfurt and i had to go to the police station to lodge a report. I was feeling real bad as my important stuff were all in the bag. The police officer was really helpful in helping me and understanding while he was trying to get the story from me and translating to his higher ranked colleague. I was scared from being robbed and of being in a police station in a foreign country without my ids and it was really nice to have someone that understands.
I lost my phone so wasnt able to give the Police a contact number for updates on my case too… I wonder if other victims get updates? Its my first time with the police so i had no idea what i should be doing next for my case.
I am still travelling and would slip into blaming myself for what happened whenever im alone. And could only cheer myself up when i thought of his comforting words.
I hope to be able to thank him properly as i was probably a mess that day.


2 weeks ago

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