Sports Direct Brent Cross we met briefly

Sunday Oct 1st, approx 5:40pm,  I was standing behind you in the queue, eager to pay for an item to get to another shop before it closed. You kept looking around @ me and I had no clue were interested (you, much younger & so handsome)

You asked me if I wanted to go in front of you.  I said “yes” with glee:) & was very thankful

Another till was free before ours, so I went there instead…I finished paying for my item & headed for the door…You stopped me & with a nice smile on your handsome face, asked me for my number…I was shocked & shy…I stupidly uttered “No…I’m married.” I LIED!!..I’m sorry…You have crossed my mind every day since.
I was wearing black & grey leggings with a black top.
Not sure if you’re Middle Eastern or North African but this ebony lady really hopes you see this message.


one month ago

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Edgware, GB

  • Sun, 22-Oct-17 22:16 UTC
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