Stranger on the district line

It was around 5pm today (24th Oct). We were both at Earl’s Court station changing from Picadilly line to District Iine towards Wimbledon. You were looking at me multiple times and giving me a grin since we started to walk up the stairs to the district line platform. You were in your black skinny jeans, long curly hair, and with a cute cheeky smile. I grinned back at you as well foolishly. On the tube, we were standing side by side with a bicycle wheel awkwardly between us. You stood closer to me and our elbows brushed against each other. Before I had to get off at Parsons Green, I handed you my phone asking for your number. Unfortunately I believe the number was incorrect. Not sure if it was intended or not. If it was not given to me wrongly on purpose, please get in touch because I would like to get to know you. From the stranger with a white flask and headphones.



about 3 months ago

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London, GB

  • Tue, 24-Oct-17 11:42 UTC
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