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This guy I believe has had his identity impersonated by a love scammer . I was sent a message from this man and texted him for almost two weeks. After I sent his daughters two $50 iTunes gift cards I never heard from ‘him’ again and I’m so broken hearted as I thought this guy was for real. The phone number I was given for this guy is an active landline number in Ohio that I confirmed on the site Spokeon. I was told he lives in California but he could live in Cincinnati Ohio. If anyone knows or has seen this person on Facebook. Instagram twitter under a different can you please be sure he sees this and I would very much like to meet this guy. I’m broken-hearted

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Trina Garvin
Trina Garvin

4 months ago

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Ridgefield, US

  • Fri, 08-Sep-17 20:58 UTC
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