Waiting for Flight Amsterdam-Toronto

Monday December 18 2017, around 10:00: We saw each other at the Amsterdam Schiphol airport while waiting for our Toronto flight (AC825), first in the line-up for drop-off, later at the gate. I’m waiting to register my luggage, look around, stunned, there you are, standing in the next lane, dark-eyed beauty, long straight black hair with curls on the side, very fair-skinned, red lipstick, rather petite, wearing a black winter coat with fur around the neck, blue jeans, and black weather boots, attending a large black luggage. I’m mostly in black too, with a longish black raincoat, round glasses, a French cap/hat in wool, black jeans. I immediately switch lane, right behind you, but then I’m too shy to talk to you. But I realize I’m in the wrong lane (!), so get back to my original lane: we then have a few short timid eye contacts from a distance. I notice your friendly, gorgeous smile when you get to the counter. After Security, in the large waiting area before boarding, you come to sit right in front of me (by chance?), just one row of seats away: one long eye contact. I should done something, but no, stupefied, with no presence of mind, between belief and disbelief. So sad. Now thinking about what it would have been like to chat with you and make you laugh.


3 weeks ago

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