Woman on Bus 39 to Myyrmäki 19/11/2017

We both took the 39 bus to Myymäki on Sunday 19/11/2017, roughly 15:45. I got off at Mäntytie, I was the cute English guy with lots of Lidl shopping bags, glasses, beard and blue jacket.

I know we were both checking each other out, I’ll regret forever not coming over to you and asking for your name and number.

When I got off and stood outside and looked in at you in the bus, it was amazing but then I realized you would be gone forever.

I hope somehow you read this, maybe you have been trying to find me too. It we are lucky, lets hope we can go for coffee.

I’m going to catch bus 39 whenever I can, if I see you I’m not going to wait a second to find out your name.




3 weeks ago

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