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Blonde Dancer/Dance teacher at coffee works Islington Thursday 3 Sept 4-6pm

I sat next to you and we spoke a little , you were working with your friend and demonstrating dance moves for a lesson.

I’m the asian guy wearing the blue shirt and tweed blazer and I commented on the twix logo on the water bottle.

We exchange some pleasantries about our work but I didn’t take your details !

#4160 • Sep 04 • Man → Woman • Dinner and a twix?

Grey braids @ kid rock wheatland sept. 2nd

Alright….. I saw you I was the blonde w/ all the tattoos standing at the seats as you walked up to the stairs sect where your seats were… Just given this a chance that maybe you saw me to smile

#4159 • Sep 03 • Woman → Man • wink


I was taking Northern Line from Bank 26th and again 27th of August, 2015, and you were there with two girls, getting out at Old Street.

You were wearing a light Hollister jumper. We looked at each other a few times, and, well, I’d like you to contact me…

#4158 • Sep 02 • Man → Man

Toys r us St-Jean (West island, Montreal)

We exchanged looks last Sunday august 30th around noon. I believe you were with your daughter. I would like to meet you again and chat with you. I was accompanied by two persons when we saw each other. Do you have an idea what’s their relationship to me?

#4157 • Sep 01 • Man → Woman • Bubble tea or coffee

I saw you in a c4 Picasso

We kept overtaking and looking at each other- I was in a back 4x4… Get in touch smile

#4156 • Sep 01 • Man → Man • smile
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