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Josh if you remember a blonde girl and we spoke for the gig , pls contact. I went Toliet and couldn’t get back into the mosh to find you.


#4227 • Oct 12 • Woman → Man

convertible and truck on 75 expressway !!!!!!!!!

If this is you tell me which direction we were going and what color your truck is so I don’t get heartbroken everytime someone sends an email lol. wink

florida chikka 305 at gmail is my email (with no spaces)

Of course this will probably not happen but if in some absolutely ridiculously unearthly way it does… Then we DEFINITELY need to meet lol.

So….. For about an HOUR on 75 on that little two lane I was wondering if you were noticing me or if it was all in my head.. How you would get behind me, and then get in the slow lane and drive parallel for a little while… Of course it all started because of me.. Doing my best “sign language” to tell you that your truck is sexy as efffff when you were behind me lol.

It was so awesome (and kind of hot actually) playing these little games with you for sooooo long and never completely knowing if you were even in on it! Lol. I loved how even if someone got in between us somehow someway you always ended up behind me.

So eventually when it was back to 4-5 lanes, when there was finally enough space for you to get next to me in the next lane, I looked up and you were sure enough looking at me and waving. Mmmmmm I absolutely loved it. Everything I thought was going on really was! Lol.

So THENNNN… I do the hand-signal for “call me” trying to be funny and you looked intrigued.. Then you got behind me again so you wouldn’t lose me in the traffic. I pointed to the right and put a thumbs up.. And you went to the right lane, and so did I. Then the next one and the next one.

*THEN WHEN THE EXIT CAME UP I PUT MY TURN SIGNAL ON AND I SAW YOUR TRUCK JUST KEEP GOING BY *albeit like 80 mph so there was nothing either of us could do**
It was actually pretty dam sad I’m not going to lie lol. I can totally see us ending up having had this amazing spontaneous day together in Sarasota.. Not sure where you were going but we were one exit away from there and I would have literally just taken one more exit to get to the one I actually wanted. Can you imagine if that’s where you would have gotten off anyway? :/ Sigh lol.

I have no idea if my turn signal isn’t working in the back, or if I should have pointed like I did when I told you to turn lanes the first time… Maybe since I didn’t make it obvious to follow me off the highway you didn’t because you didn’t want to seem stalkerish? Lol I will remember that for the rest of my life because of how freaking awesome it was lol. Having to use everything but words to communicate raspberry

Anyways, I’m done writing for probably nothing now lol.



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#4226 • Oct 12 • Woman → Man

Smiley woman on delayed London-Glasgow train, Oct 11

Sat opposite each other until you got off at Preston. You - white top, brown skirt, brown hair tied back; me - beardy, brown patterned shirt, read newspaper. We exchanged a few smiles and you helped an Asian guy with advice on his stop. Care to help me find my way?

#4225 • Oct 12 • Man → Woman

Most Gorgeous Girl on the train with her daughter.

I saw you on the train,Sunday evening from London Victoria going to Dover Priory. I was with my son taking him home whilst you was with your daughter. Your daughter was playing with her dolls and you were playing Candy Crush.
I wished I had the opportunity and courage to say “Hi”

#4224 • Oct 11 • Man → Woman • Maybe a coffee

Memories Varadero Resort Cuba

I am an Asian Canadian Male nurse (you didnt believe me for the longest time). You are a beautiful woman from Czech Republic and also a nurse by profession. We were getting crazy drunk and mingling very well in the lobby in Varadero Cuba Memories Resort on the night of Oct 6th, 2015, we had great conversations. Then you disappeared in the middle with a Chilean guy, but my group of people found you two on the way to the activities pool. There you didn’t not jump in the pool and soon myself and the others were kicked out of the pool. I saw your face and it seemed like you were bored/lonely/sad. I was too drunk to realized that I should had asked for your phone # , name or contact information despite having a great connection with you. I thought I would see you again tomorrow or the rest of the visit .. but I was wrong.  I know you feel the same way. Please contact me if you see this. My name was Julian smile

#4223 • Oct 10 • Man → Woman
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