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We met in the parking lot of the Quad Theater late one night (I was with your cousin). I still think about you all the time. If you remember who this is, look for me.

#4287 • Nov 27

We met near the lake behind the Heroes’ Square in Budapest, November 25th


On Wednesday, November 25th, I was sitting on a bench near the artifical lake between the Heroes’ Square and the zoo in Budapest, reading and listening to music. It was in the afternoon, between 14:00-16:00.

You sat two benches away from me, and we exchanged glances once in a while and then you came to me and asked me something in Hungarian and I answered in English.
After a while you walked away and I wish I had the courage to not be shy and to continue talking to you.

I hope you see this message and answer me.

#4286 • Nov 27 • Woman → Man

You saved me from a creep- Northern Line- Archway

I could tell you were keeping an eye on the man who was staring at me on the train this evening but it was reassuring to know that someone else could see what was going on. Thank you for stepping in to ensure my safety as much as possible. Its rare that a stranger would go out of their way to do as you did. Tonight you proved there are still good people in the world. I hope I will be able to thank you in person one day.

#4285 • Nov 25 • Woman → Man

FT reading stunning brunette, Purple coat. Off @ Embankment (lunchtime) Wed 25/11

Hi FT reading brunette,

Obviously the chances of you seeing this are minimal, but someone else might put together who you are. You are unforgettable.

I like probably a lot of guys couldn’t keep my eyes off you. I think you caught me a couple of times; which I think you didn’t mind. I loved your hair, and eyes, and it helped that you were dressed immaculately. The lack of ring on your finger was also noted.

I was the Indian guy dressed in blue, who was about to jump off the tube at Embankment to ask you for your number, but chickened out. If you fancy dinner, I would love to meet you.

#4284 • Nov 25 • Man → Woman • Dinner- you choose.

Glimpsed at Ye Old Cheshire Cheese

Hey, I know this is crazy and probably a little creepy and I should probably just let it be, however you’re probably never going to see this anyway so I figured why not do it.

I was with a friend ordering drinks at the bar of Ye Old Cheshire Cheese (in the basement) and I saw you, I said hi, and we smiled at each other. You were with your friends and you guys were getting ready to leave just as we got there.

I waited too long; by the time I headed upstairs with my drink, you were gone. I wish I would had come and talked with you, not because I am looking for my soulmate or a relationship or anything like that, but because I haven’t seen a smile as genuine as yours in a long time, and I would have loved to get to know the person behind it.


#4283 • Nov 24 • Woman → Man
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