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Where Are You?


You own a 1.5 year old Alaskan Clegar called Lupo and you’re gorgeous.

I was with a friend and we both got on the waterloo & city line at waterloo to find you get on the same carriage. You let your dog explore the carriage and he came over to me. He definitely liked me and then we started chatting where you explained that your mate owns a studio and that you were on your way there for a shoot. Before I know it we arrive at bank, and we part heading our separate ways, leaving with no name or no number, nor did I give you my number.*thurstibg face palm* Instead, the name Lupos is all I have for now.

If the universe conspires to show you this message, then by all means please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,


#4084 • Jul 27 • Man → Woman • drinks/food/banter

Bristol Harborside Festival

Met you at Bristol Harborside Festival on Saturday. You’re Scottish, I’m Californian. I gave you a bracelet, you gave me an unintentionally bought punk cd. We kissed outside the Old Duke.

#4083 • Jul 26 • Woman → Man • <3

Saler @ urbanoutfitters, Camden Town

Dear boy, I saw you last year, I paid at our till, and you were so damn cute… Didn’t dare to say anything, but I could’nt stop smiling at you… Brown-haired, brown eyes (or maybe dark green?), not so perfect but cute as hell! Droopy eyes, turned-up nose, teeth not perfectly aligned… A perfect English beauty! I came back to London and went to the shop not long ago hoping to see you again, in vain. If you recognize yourself, it won’t lead me anywhere, but I’ll be glad to know you saw my post, and I hope you will be happy to know that a French stranger thinks you’re absolutely adorable!

#4082 • Jul 26 • Woman → Man

Girl at Golfo Aranci port July 16 2015 at 23.15

I saw this beautiful girl on Thursday July 16 2015 at the port of Golfo Aranci in Sardinia (Italy) we were waiting for the ferry to Livorno (Italy) leaving at 11.15 p.m., we looked each other many times for long, but we weren’t alone so we had no chance to “communicate” in any other way. She had such a shining smile, with her beautiful light eyes that pointed on me and in mine.
Her hair was pulled back into a perfect ponytail and just below the tail she had an almost invisible hairpin to preserve the perfection of her hairstyle.
She was travelling on a silver VW Polo, not her car but of her “friend”, I guess. It was from Austria and in the middle of the number plate there was a sequence like 484 or 424 or 848.
We met again in the same way the next morning on the coffee deck just before landing.

If anybody thinks to know this girl, please let her know about my message, I really need to contact her. Thank you.

#4081 • Jul 25 • Man → Woman

Central line

You got off at North Acton.  Stupidly, I didn’t.  I was wearing blue T-shirt and carrying a rucksack.  Blonde hair.  Thursday 23 July 15 around about 10.45pm.  Would love a second chance to say hello.

#4080 • Jul 24 • Man → Woman
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