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A totally ancient way to meet people!

iSawYou is based upon a type of classified ad popular in many urban newspapers. These ads are known generically as ‘missed-connections’ and help people reconnect with others that they have seen in public but never got their contact info. For example:

I was the ‘Damsel in Distress’ from Leeds. You are the Air Conditioning Man from Southampton. I asked for directions to Waterloo Road, London and you were on your way to get your train home. You stopped and helped me find the office for my meeting on Google Maps and then you so kindly walked with me to the building under a brolly in the pouring rain. You were the perfect gent and quite handsome to go with it. I would like to meet you in London next time you’re there… I think I owe you a drink at least!

Our ads are called ‘sightings’ and are searchable by geographic location; giving anyone the ability to find a message meant for them. Thanks to mobile phones and geo-location technology, you can post or view a sighting at any location on the planet with cell service.

While iSawYou got its start as a ‘flirt app’, we look forward to seeing how the system can be used for posting anything of local interest - from news to garage sale finds. Feel free to experiment!


Peter V. Swaab
Michael W. Schacht

Port Townsend, WA USA

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